Welcome to Gartman Law Group P.C.

We are transforming how inventors and patent owners convert their patents into money — directly benefitting inventors and refueling the cycle of innovation in America.  We follow a personalized, low-volume approach that blends traditional methods such as litigation, licensing, brokering, and purchase, with proprietary methods and technology to achieve superior results faster, easier, and more cheaply.

For 25 years, our lawyers have been hired as counsel of choice by the world’s largest corporations to represent them in their most challenging cases, often involving billions of dollars and dozens of patents. We’ve handled every major technology in most U.S. District Courts, the U.S. International Trade Commission, and in the U.S. Courts of Appeals for the Federal Circuit. Our peers have consistently recognized our lawyers as among the nation’s best. This is the track record and experience we bring to inventors and patent owners today.


Our Services


We act as lead counsel in patent infringement cases across the U.S.


We connect individual, small, and large patent owners with purchasers using proprietary methods.


We assemble strong value presentations and design novel license strategies for patent owners.


We provide strategic prosecution, licensing, and enforcement advice to maximize patent value.


We evaluate patent strength and worth.


We serve as “black hat” counsel in mock trials, arguments, and briefing — to help actual counsel improve the real thing.